About Us

The Wholesale Products Pro, is operated by Apex Innovative Wholesale Inc. Our online platform for commercial small business owners, new and existing entrepreneurs, and home based businesses 

Our Aim and Goal:

Our aim is to do wholesale business to help independent retailer or service provider who are willing to do retail business or doing retail business but are not able to get wholesale price because of small quantity need or they do not have enough capital or credit score to get products in their required demand.

We promote general sale tax and provincial sale tax if you are pst registered and want to resell our products, we do not charge pst on our products just we verify your pst numbers.

Most of new entrepreneurs think if they buy products from outside of country from suppliers they get wholesale price and they are able to sell those products in market and stay in market after all expenses easily. Actually it’s all illusion. When you import anything from outside of country you have to pay duty, taxes, dollar conversion rates, shipping cost etc., and you are not eligible for claim your taxes even you are reselling your products, we are here to fill this gap for you. If you aim to buy products in small quantity and have tan of time for shipping for under 20$ products please understand this is not for you. This is for reseller only Just get all your products with competitive prices in Canadian Dollars plus claim your Taxes because you are reselling.

Initially we are dealing fashion and technology products, we imported some products for checking market and proudly say that we are getting very good feedback. 

Available Samples

In Technology:

  • Mobile phone Parts and Accessaries
  • Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Security Cameras
  • Dash Cameras
  • Automobile Accessaries
  • Memory Cards

In Fashion:

  • Cashmere scarf
  • Women Hats

Free Consultancy and quotation:

Enquire us for your demanded products with complete information, if we do not able to save your money and provide you innovative solution we respond you clearly that sorry you are already pro